Frequently Asked Questions relating to Christmas Trees & Our Business 

Can I cut down my own Christmas Tree?

At the farm we encourage you to explore the paddock and find your own tree, however for health and safety of all, our trained staff will cut down the tree for you.

Can I replant your Christmas Tree after it has been cut down?

As you are cutting down a tree from it's trunk, it cannot be replanted afterwards or else it will die. Trees can also not be dug up with roots to be replanted. If you are wanting to plant your own Christmas Tree, we have a select number of small Christmas Trees in pots with roots that can be purchased.

Can I get my tree delivered?

If you are located within surrounding suburbs of Melton and Ballarat, we can organise delivery for you at an additional cost. If you are closer to Melton, all deliveries will take place on weekends after 3pm. Please have your order in by 3pm to have it delivered after 3pm the next day. We will send you an invoice to finalise payment before the delivery arrives. Failure to make payment will result in a cancellation of delivery.

Do I need to make a booking to visit Victoria Christmas Tree Farm?

You do not need to make a booking before visiting either location. However, if you are visiting Melton and would like to purchase a large tree, please contact us before hand to place a pre-order as there will be no trees larger than 8ft available at Melton.

Will Santa be on the farm? Can I get a photo with him?

Santa will be on the farm November 27th, November 28th, December 4th and December 5th from 10am - 3pm. You are more than welcome to take photos with Santa and interact with him. We ask that if you are feeling unwell to please stay home for the safety and welfare of all.

Can I bring my dog on the farm?

Yes you can! Please just have all pets on a leash.

Does Victoria Christmas Tree Farm have eftpos facilities?

We do however the connection does drop out due to no wifi and poor reception on the farm. We ask that you please bring cash to avoid delays during our busy periods to keep all happy and things running smoothly as we are a very small family business. If you are unsure about how much cash to bring, please message us.

What do I do with my Christmas Tree after Christmas?

After Christmas, you are welcome to drop your tree back off at the farm. You can throw it over the gate and we will recycle it for you. Currently we do not offer a pick up service.

Can I use a bucket to hold up my Christmas tree?

Using a bucket to keep your tree secure is not something we recommend. As Christmas Trees can be quite heavy, using a bucket will not keep your tree secure and this can be an extreme safety problem if you have children or pets. We sell Cinco Christmas Tree stands on the farm that come with a 10 year warranty and are extremely safe and reliable in holding up and maintaining your Christmas Tree.

How Do I Look After My Christmas Tree?

Our recommendations for looking after your tree are as follows:
- Fill up your stand with 3/4 water and 1/4 lemonade.
- Every time you add water, add some lemonade.
- Do not keep your live Christmas tree under direct heating and cooling as it will dry out the pine.
- Do not keep your real Christmas Tree outside or in direct sunlight as this will dry out the tree.
- In the first 24 hours of your tree being cut down, it will be extremely thirsty.
** Please check your water levels the next day and then every second or third day so that your tree does not run out of water and dry out.
If you are worried about insects, you can spray your tree with bug spray.

How Long Will My Christmas Tree Last?

If taken care of, your Christmas tree can last you up to 7 weeks. The average lifespan after being cut down is 5 weeks, which is why we open on the very last weekend of November so that your Christmas tree is guaranteed to last you until your Christmas celebrations.

I Celebrate Christmas In January, Can I Buy A Christmas Tree Then?

We close for business on December 22nd and do not open again until the last weekend of November 2022. We will not be able to assist with purchases after December 22nd as our family will be taking time off after a very busy time for us. If you are wanting a tree for your Christmas in January, please consider purchasing a tree on the last week of December. Your tree will last you to January if taken care of correctly.

If you have a question that has not been answered above, please contact us directly for assistance.